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LifeSharers is a national registry of people who have agreed to make anatomical gifts by donating their organs upon their death.  LifeSharers is a "donor registry" as defined in the 2006 Uniform Anatomical Gift Act.

Under section 14(a) of the 2006 UAGA, when a hospital refers an individual at or near death to an organ procurement organization, the organ procurement organization must search the records of any donor registries that it knows exists for the geographical area in which the individual resides to ascertain whether the individual has made an anatomical gift.

All licensed and accredited organ procurement organizations in the United States have been notified that the LifeSharers donor registry exists and operates nationwide. All organ procurement organizations operating in states that have enacted the 2006 UAGA are required by law to search the records of the LifeSharers registry when a hospital refers to them an individual at or near death.

Representatives of licensed and accredited organ and tissue procurement organizations can search the LifeSharers registry by telephoning LifeSharers at 1-888-ORGAN88 or 1-888-674-2688.

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