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 picture of Gerry Beyer

"Because of our system of presumed non-consent to organ donation, there is a large shortage of organs for transplantation in the United States. To me, there is an inherent fairness in having organs made available first to individuals who have indicated their willingness to donate their own organs."
Gerry W. Beyer
Governor Preston E. Smith Regents Professor of Law, Texas Tech University School of Law

 picture of Twila Brase

"The organ shortage persists because the federal government's organ allocation system shows too little respect for the rights of organ donors. LifeSharers is fixing that, by acknowledging individual ownership of organs and by helping organ donors exercise their legal right to decide who gets their organs when they die."
Twila Brase, R.N.
President, Citizens' Council on Health Care

 picture of Steve Calandrillo

"It is a fundamental issue of fairness that people who agree to donate organs should get priority if they need one. It is an irony that most organs go to people who haven't signed up as donors. Thousands of people are dying needlessly every year -- not because life-saving organs don't exist, but because we don't incent people properly to make them available in the first place. LifeSharers is helping to fix that."
Steve P. Calandrillo
Professor, University of Washington Law School

 picture of Lloyd Cohen

"By giving people an incentive to become organ donors, LifeSharers offers hope to those otherwise doomed by our government to die while waiting for a life-saving organ transplant operation."
Lloyd R. Cohen
Professor, George Mason University School of Law

 picture of Richard Epstein

"LifeSharers is an ingenious effort to harness the collective efforts of many individuals to increase the supply of usable organs. It gives preferences in case of need to those who are willing to make their organs available to others."
Richard A. Epstein
James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School
Peter and Kirsten Bedford Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution

 picture of Sigrid Fry-Revere

"LifeSharers exemplifies social cooperation at its best. It shows that human ingenuity can overcome government-imposed scarcity by finding creative ways for people to help themselves by helping others."
Sigrid Fry-Revere, J.D., Ph.D.
Medical Ethicist, Health Care and FDA Policy Analyst
Former Cato Institute director of bioethics studies

 picture of Michele Goodwin

"LifeSharers provides a powerful rebuttal to complacency and indeterminacy. The result might inspire a change in the beleaguered and ineffectual organ procurement system."
Michele Goodwin
Chancellor's Professor of Law, University of California, Irvine School of Law
Director of the Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy
Author of "Black Markets: The Supply and Demand of Body Parts"

 picture of David Henderson

"LifeSharers is an inspiring example of the power of freedom to fix people's problems."
David R. Henderson
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, Naval Postgraduate School
Research Fellow, Hoover Institution

 picture of Merrill Matthews Jr.

"The country needs to know that patients on organ waiting lists die needlessly every day, and that we have it in our power to change that. But someone has to push the envelope if we are ever going to overthrow the long-prevailing notion that altruism is the only ethical motive underlying organ donation. LifeSharers and its associated scholars and experts is working to achieve that goal."
Merrill Matthews, Ph.D.
Director, Council for Affordable Health Insurance
Resident Scholar, Institute for Policy Innovation

 picture of Thomas Mollo

"LifeSharers has the potential to make a significant dent in the ever growing organ shortage. I really like the fact that the decision to donate is mine and not left to those left behind. If more individuals donated altruistically while living or donated upon their passing the growing problem could be solved. Everyone should seriously think about the impact they could have on their fellow man."
Thomas Mollo
Executive Director, National Kidney Registry

 picture of Lawrence Reed

"A free and civil society encourages compassion through incentives and the natural goodwill of caring, future-focused individuals. Getting involved with LifeSharers accomplishes many things: it helps solve a pressing need, it saves lives, it advances a great idea, and it does all that in a fashion that is in perfect harmony with the principles of liberty and responsibility. What more could anybody want?!"
Lawrence W. Reed
President, Foundation for Economic Education
President Emeritus, Mackinac Center for Public Policy

 picture of Alexander Tabarrok

"Those who are willing to give should be the first to receive. LifeSharers makes this idea a reality. If enough people join LifeSharers, we could even have a surplus of organs."
Alexander Tabarrok
Associate Professor, Department of Economics, George Mason University
Research Director, The Independent Institute


 picture of Benjamin Abelow

"LifeSharers is a wonderful idea, a way to increase the supply of organs by providing a personal incentive to those who might consider donating. Whatever the reasons preventing people from becoming donors currently, LifeSharers can make people feel more comfortable with following their desire to help others."
Benjamin Abelow, M.D.
Medical textbook author
Stockbridge, Massachusetts

 picture of Phillip Adams

"LifeSharers is an inherently fair way for people who don't have much money, and even those who do, to have an even chance at receiving an organ when they need one."
Fr. Phillip L. Adams
Lighthouse Christian Ministries
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

 picture of Amy Alkon

"LifeSharers is an opportunity to put the Golden Rule into action. In times of need, do for others as you would want them to do for you."
Anthony G. Alessi, M.D.
Chief of Neurology, William W. Backus Hospital
Author and Talk Show Host
Norwich, Connecticut

 picture of Amy Alkon

"LifeSharers gives you a leg up on the list to get a donated organ. All you have to do is promise to donate your organs when you die. Seems like a good idea to me."
Amy Alkon
The Advice Goddess
Syndicated Columnist
Santa Monica, California

 picture of Nancy Bohannon

"LifeSharers is an ethical solution to the problem of deciding between potential recipients of the inadequate number of donor organs."
Nancy J.V. Bohannon, M.D.
San Francisco, California


 picture of Katrina Bramstedt

"Signing up for organ donation is a social contract. In the case of organ scarcity it is appropriate to favor fellow organ donors over free riders. When it is time to allocate a scarce resource, it is fair to assign priority to people who are willing to both give and receive."
Katrina A. Bramstedt, Ph.D.
Clinical Ethicist
San Francisco, California

 picture of Katrina Bramstedt

"America has an organ donor crisis. Altruism, while laudable, is failing miserably to meet the demand for organs. LifeSharers is an entirely fair and appropriate way to help reverse the organ donor crisis. The FAIR Foundation also supports two additional new organ donation policies, Presumed Consent and Donation Benefits, to insure more dying patients receive the 'Gift of Life'."
Dr. Richard Darling, DDS
President and CEO, FAIR Foundation
Palm Desert, California

 picture of Anne Galante

"Donating organs is one of the most responsible things a person can do. It ensures life will never be wasted."
Anne L. Galante, M.D.
Middlebury, Vermont

 picture of Seth Godin

"People are literally dying trying to get organs, but not enough people are dying to give them. LifeSharers brings parity and fairness to a system that desperately needs it."
Seth Godin
Hastings on Hudson, New York

 picture of Neil Green

"I was already a registered organ donor when I joined LifeSharers. I joined to help create an incentive for others to become donors."
G. Neil Green, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer, Microbial Novoteqs, Inc.
Nashville, Tennessee

 picture of Mike and Amanda Haynes

"LifeSharers provides an incentive to organ sharing that is remarkably reasonable and fair. I'll be encouraging others to join!"
Byron Harvey
Pastor, Red Oak, an Evangelical Free Church
Marietta, Georgia

 picture of Mike and Amanda Haynes

"We joined LifeSharers in 2002. We are not on the organ waiting list, but felt compelled to join once we learned about the disturbing disparity between organ recipients who are themselves organ donors vs. those who are not. It's just crazy!"
Mike and Amanda Haynes
Miami Beach, Florida

 picture of J. H. Huebert

"LifeSharers helps mitigate the government-created organ-shortage nightmare.  Who could be opposed to that?"
J. H. Huebert
Adjunct Faculty Member, Ludwig von Mises Institute
Columbus, Ohio

 picture of Laurence Jensen

"It is more blessed to give than to receive. Giving is the only way to insure honorable receiving."
Laurence Jensen, Ph.D., M.B.A., D.D.
Archbishop, Spiritus Church
Sedona, Arizona

 picture of Cheryl Johnson

"Those who pay into the system should be the ones to get paid back if something happens."
Cheryl S. Johnson
Science Teacher
McMurray Middle School
Nashville, Tennessee

 picture of Dene Marie Jomei

"I was already an organ donor when I heard about LifeSharers. After reading about it, I thought it was a fantastic idea. I hope it will inspire more people to become organ donors. No one wants to think about it, but it's a fact of life -- people need organs every day. Joining LifeSharers saves lives -- possibly a loved one's or even your own."
Dene Marie Jomei
Los Angeles, California

 picture of Erin Jurrens

"LifeSharers is dedicated to taking inevitable tragedy and turning it into hope. LifeSharers offers a unique and powerful win-win situation in which all people have nothing to lose and everything to gain."
Erin Jurrens-Sudkamp
St. Louis, Missouri

 picture of Thomas Knapp

"Because there is no market incentive, a lot of people don't bother to fill out an organ donor card or make their wishes known to their families. Their valuable organs, which might have saved lives, go into the ground with them. LifeSharers is out to change that. As a LifeSharers member, If you someday need a transplant your previous commitment to donate your organs will move you up the waiting list past those who have made no such commitment."
Thomas L. Knapp
Rational Review
St. Louis, Missouri

 picture of Harold Kyriazi

"LifeSharers is a brilliant idea. It promotes human life and human freedom. It's like buying into an organ transplant assurance program, and you pay with your pledge to donate."
Harold Kyriazi, Ph.D.
Department of Neurobiology
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Creator of and
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

 picture of Atilano Lacson

"Many people give up the fight for survival, when the fight can be won, with dignity, under a caring and cooperative venture like LifeSharers, a community of selfless people whose pledge to give earns them the privilege of receiving. Everyone should join!"
Atilano Lacson, M.D.
Affiliate Professor, Pediatrics and Pathology
University of South Florida at All Children's Hospital
St. Petersburg, Florida

 picture of David Lang

"It is unethical for people to expect to receive organs if unwilling to donate."
David A. Lang, M.D.
Family Physician, Apple Valley Medical Clinic, Ltd.
Apple Valley, Minnesota


 picture of Sunni Maravillosa

"LifeSharers is a private, voluntary, fair solution to a resource problem that I'd like to see applied to more government-created snafus."
Sunni Maravillosa, Ph.D.

Mother, writer, psychologist
Evanston, Wyoming

 picture of Jacqueline Marcell

"LifeSharers' practical and simple principles should be applied to all organ transplantation to be fair and drastically reduce the heartache for families waiting for organs that may never come."
Jacqueline Marcell, B.S.
Author, Elder Rage
Host, Coping With Caregiving Radio
Writer, Elder Care Blog
Irvine, California

 picture of Brigid McGinley

"I don't want my family to have to face a heartbreaking decision about donating my organs when I die. By joining LifeSharers, I took this burden off their shoulders."
Brigid McGinley
Mother and Attorney
Hurley, New York

 picture of Robert Moody

"LifeSharers will reduce the number of people who die while waiting for an organ by creating an incentive for more people to become organ donors. It is also more equitable because those who choose to become an organ donor through LifeSharers get first dibs on the organs of LifeSharers members."
Robert H. Moody II

Certified Financial Planner
Compass Advisors LLC
Atlanta, Georgia

 picture of Larry Nazimek

"A person who helps others should be able to get help when it is needed, over someone who wants help but never offers it. It has been said that God helps those who help themselves. LifeSharers is a means by which we help ourselves and each other."
Larry E. Nazimek
V. P. for Public Relations
LifeLine Pilots
Peoria, Illinois

 picture of Mehmet Oz MD

"LifeSharers is an innovative approach that helps each of us save lives."
Mehmet C. Oz, MD, FACS
Professor of Surgery, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons
Director, Cardiovascular Institute, Columbia University Medical Center
Vice Chairman, Cardiovascular Services, Department of Surgery, Columbia University Medical Center
Attending Surgeon, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center
New York, New York

 picture of Daniel Asa Rose

"LifeSharers is one of those great ideas – so simple and obvious you wonder why no one thought of it earlier. Let’s hear it for common sense!"
Daniel Asa Rose
Author, "LARRY'S KIDNEY: Being the True Story of How I Found Myself in China With My Black-Sheep Cousin and His Mail-Order Bride, Skirting the Law to Get Him a Transplant ... and Save His Life"
Rehoboth, Massachusetts

 picture of Sally Satel

"With such a severe organ shortage, it seems only fair that those who want the privilege of access meet the responsibility of donation. LifeSharers is helping make that happen."
Sally Satel, M.D.
Author, "One Nation Under Therapy" and "PC, M.D."
Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
Staff Psychiatrist, Oasis Drug Treatment Clinic
Lecturer, Yale University School of Medicine
Washington, D.C.

 picture of Mary Lou Seymour

"I've been a registered organ donor for years. Now, with LifeSharers, I can help ensure that my organs are distributed in a fair manner to others who are willing to make the same commitment. It's a great idea and every free market advocate should join."
Mary Lou Seymour

Editor, Rational Review
South Carolina

 picture of Dr. David Spence

"I joined LifeSharers because I take Jesus' instruction to heart: 'He who has two coats, let him share with him who has none (Luke 3:11).'  Also, there is an enlightened self-interest that underpins the LifeSharers movement:  by joining, a member has greater assurance of getting a donated organ if the member needs one.  At the same time, the total pool of organs available for transplant is increased."
David Spence, M.D.

Flagstaff, Arizona

 picture of Bill Staton

"LifeSharers membership is a compelling investment in your future. It's free, and it could literally save your life. By joining LifeSharers you reduce the chance you'll die waiting if you ever need an organ transplant."
Bill Staton, MBA, CFA
Chairman, Staton Financial Advisors LLC
Charlotte, North Carolina

 picture of John Stossel

"There ought to be a free market in organs, but since that's illegal, LifeSharers may be the next best thing. It's criminal that dozens die every day waiting for organs."
John Stossel
Author and Reporter
New York, New York


 picture of James Taranto

"Give a penny, take a penny."
James Taranto
Editorial Board Member, The Wall Street Journal
Author, Best of the Web Today
New York, New York


 picture of Janice Uible

"If enough people join LifeSharers, there will be a lot fewer people dying waiting for transplants. I know because I saw this happen to dialysis patients while my husband was waiting for me to donate a kidney to him. While a living donor can save one person, a deceased donor can save several people. It doesn't cost anything to join LifeSharers, so why would anyone not want to participate?"
Janice Uible
Cincinnati, Ohio

 picture of John and Kimberly Wisniewski

"We read about LifeSharers in our local newspaper and were immediately drawn to the organization because of its mission. We joined not so much for our own needs, but because we know we are giving priority in utilizing our donated organs to others who are willing to give. What a wonderful way to encourage ALL PEOPLE to donate, which is the ultimate goal here!"
John Wisniewski, MD
Board Certified Internal Medicine
Kimberly Wisniewski
Board Certified Nurse Practitioner
Indian Lake, Pennsylvania


Media Outreach

 picture of Ann Mitchell

"Having worked in the non-profit realm for 30 years, it’s now an honor to do volunteer work for LifeSharers as a retiree. Resist your resistance to sharing your organs with others – only a community effort is going to change the horrible lack of available organs for transplant."
Ann Mitchell
Basalt, Colorado

Public Relations

 picture of John Landsberg

"Having donated a kidney to my son, I was very aware of the tremendous need for organ donations. When I read about LifeSharers, I knew it was an organization that could make a real difference. People live or die every day based on whether their neighbors are willing to be organ donors. If you are willing to step up to the plate and be a donor, then you should have first access to organs if the need should ever arise in your life. To me, it's a basic issue of fairness."
John Landsberg
Bottom Line Communications
Kansas City, Missouri

Public Service Announcer

 picture of B.Z.

"I truly am honored to be a supporter, volunteer, member and voice for a noble organization like LifeSharers whose priority is to save lives, period. I'm down wit dat like four flats on a Cadillac. LifeSharers, I got your back."
Voice Talent,
Los Angeles, California

Web and Database Programming

 picture of Jose Presa

"When you join LifeSharers you make a difference now and in the future."
Jose Presa
Independent Consultant
Nashville, Tennessee

Custom Craftsman Printing Incorporated
730 Decatur Avenue North
Golden Valley, MN 55427


 picture of David Undis

"Join LifeSharers today. It's free. It could save your life."
David J. Undis
Executive Director
Nashville, Tennessee



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