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The Greatest Gift of Love (the organ donor song)

Click the arrow below to watch a video of “The Greatest Gift of Love (the organ donor song)”:

You can download a copy of the song in mp3 format by right-clicking here.

Please send LifeSharers a contribution of $1 or more if you download the song. Instructions on how to send us a contribution are at

This song was written by Dave Crowley. Dave has been a songwriter for over 40 years in Hawaii (he spent four years in Nashville) with a number of his songs turning into classics over the years in the Hawaiian music scene. He is a LifeSharers member and has been a registered organ donor since 1976. Due to the sensitivity of the subject of organ donation, it took Dave close to 20 long years to write a song that could delicately, properly, and powerfully share to a listener the need to become an organ donor. After years of searching, he chose LifeSharers to dedicate the song to, in hopes it would help increase organ donor awareness across the nation and the world.

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