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Why You Should Join LifeSharers

An organ transplant could save your life some day -- if you're lucky enough to get an organ.  But your odds of getting one aren't good.

LifeSharers can improve your odds.  Here's why that's important:

  • About 7,000 Americans die every year while on the waiting list for a life-saving transplant -- one every 75 minutes.

  • Over 123,000 people are on the waiting list right now.

  • Over 50,000 more people will join the waiting list this year -- one every 10 minutes.

  • The waiting list is growing 5 times as fast as the rate of organ donation.

  • Over 50% of the people who need an organ will die before they get one.

MemberThe organ shortage gets worse every day.  But when organs do become available, about 50% of them go to people who haven't agreed to donate their own organs when they die.  That's not fair.  By joining LifeSharers you help make sure that you'll get treated fairly if you ever need an organ.

LifeSharers rewards the generosity of organ donors by giving them fair access to organs.  This reward becomes more meaningful every time someone joins LifeSharers.  When LifeSharers has a million members, for example, our members will have fair access to two million kidneys, one million livers, one million hearts, two million lungs, and more.

By directing their donation first to fellow members, LifeSharers members also create an incentive for others to register as organ donors and join LifeSharers.  As the LifeSharers network grows, the strength of that incentive grows too.  So your membership will encourage others to join, and save lives.  And who knows, the next life you save may be your own.

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